Dear users, we currently need generous users to make donations to us. We are looking to reach our goal of 1,600 credits. When we have this much, we will create a custom domain name. With this custom domain name, we will also be able to create and other CP Cheat Tools e-mails. People who donate credits to us will get a good amount of points, as you can see on the how to earn points topic made by Dadted. We currently have 150 credits, and need 1,450 more. Remember that this does not mean you have to donate all the money, just donate a small amount like 1USD or something. We want users to think this, as if everybody donated for example 1USD, we will have much more than 1USD. You can donate to us by clicking contribute at the bottom of the forums. I have currently made 3 currency conversions into credits. You can do more by selecting an amount of credits to donate in another currency on PayPal, typing in 1, clicking continue, and seeing how many credits it says you are donating. Conversions made so far (NOTE: You might want to write these down, as it will be a while before this message comes up again): $1 United States Dollar=84 Forumotion credits €1 Euro=101 Forumotion credits £1 British Pound Sterling=127 Forumotion credits 100 Forumotion credits=Type in 270 Hungarian Forint, also $1.36 USD, you can do more conversions if you want to donate exactly 100 credits on Google. 1 Forumotion customized domain name=1,600 Forumotion credits If you make any other conversions, contact Lalalamda22 and it will be put up here. Go to to donate. Our current generous contributors: Dadted of 100 credits, Dadted of 100 credits Remember that if you can't donate credits, it is okay!